Lady of the Manor Solitaire

How To Play Lady of the Manor Solitaire

Like my luck with most ladies, this game is largely chance, not skill. But it has a pretty good chance, with you closing the deal about 1-3 times. If only life imitated cards, eh? Well, here's how you can get the Lady of the Manor on your side:

1. Two decks. Deal 4 columns of 12 cards each. You'll have space for 8 foundations, your Aces, put there as they become free. They move up, by suit.

2. Tableau cards can only be played to foundations, and only the top card at that. No building within the tableau at all, mate. Isn't that a bit fickle?

3. You have 12 reserve spots, going from 2's to Kings. You can put up to two cards in each one - so 2 Kings, for instance. Some of these will probably be blank, and the top card of each reserve is available to be played on your foundations.

4. Get all your cards to the foundations and you've gotten lucky with the Lady of the Manor. Just keep an eye out for the Man of the Manor.

Lady of the Manor Solitaire

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